No Signal

Almost all Mobile Phones use antennas for communication via call, SMS, etc. Malfunction of the antenna may result in low or even no signals. It might also cause the delay in SMS and dropped calls.

If you are also dealing with the loss of mobile signal strength and want to fix it, contact Fone World. Physical damage to the phone is the prime cause of the malfunctioning antenna.

But whatever the reason is, the Fone World Technicians will fix your Mobile Phone and help you enjoy strong signal strength, resulting in smooth communication via calls, SMS, etc.

Our highly-skilled technicians check the reason behind low or no signal and then solve the concern. We also offer antenna replacement if the problem is due to a faulty antenna.

Troubleshoot Antenna Issues

Several methods are available via which you can troubleshoot your mobile phone antenna. Our team makes sure to use the best approach to troubleshoot the antenna.

For troubleshooting, ensure that your sim card is working properly, your mobile is charged. In addition, make sure that the signal issue is not because of your network provider.

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