About us

We Are The Best In The Business

Started in 2012, Fone World Cambridge has gradually but definitely become one of the leading service providers when it comes to turnaround repairs of Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Laptops, and other electronic accessories.
The idea of Fone World Cambridge was hatched solely out of the fact that demand in the market for trusted smartphone repair solutions was to be catered. This segment happened to be largely missing from the supply chain, which is why the founders of Fone World Cambridge took it upon themselves. Before Fone World entered the market, the smartphone service Cambridge and repair industry were quite underhanded even with the increasing importance of smartphone devices.

It was due to this fact that the founder launched Fone World Cambridge, a trusted name when it comes to smartphone repair services. With a professional team that was loaded on skills, Fone World began providing top-notch services and speedy repairs in 2012.

After 2012, Fone World Cambrdge has gradually been expanding its operations, with 20 shops currently serving the UK.
Fone World Cambridge specializes in smartphone, tablet, and computer repair services. Be it Apple, Samsung, or any other brand; we assure you a fulfilling and satisfying turnaround service.
To assure your complete satisfaction, Fone World offers a 12-month warranty of the smartphone and a security guarantee of the device’s data.

From 2012 till today, a range of happy customers speaks volumes of our trustable services as the UK’s leading tech repair specialists.