Common Laptop Problems & Their Solutions

common laptop problems and solutions

Imagining today’s world without gadgets is a daunting task. Undoubtedly, these gadgets have made our world a lot easier. Without them, we would not be able to perform any of our daily tasks. These gadgets such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets help us communicate, calculate, get entertained, and many other tasks. In case we face any problem with outer gadgets, it seems like that our life has come to an end. Leave any significant problem. Even the slightest problem can become a source of disrupting our daily activities.

Cambridge is an important and one of the most well-known cities of the United Kingdom. It is also famous for its technological hubs, where gadgets are used extensively. Students, business owners, and office-goers all have to use smartphones, tablets, or laptops to conduct their daily activities.

Below, we will present some of the most common problems that are found amongst these electronic devices. Usually, three issues are not of very deep concern and can be easily taken care of. But this will only happen if you hire the services of someone competent in this field.

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Common Problems that can occur in your Laptops:

Laptops have been evolving for a long time. When people started to begin their use, these laptops used to be thick, large, and heavy. Comparatively, they were harder to carry around. As time passed, numerous technological advances reduce their size. The size of their components, such as processor, RAM, and ROM, was also decreased significantly. And all the laptop manufacturers around the world put their focus on one thing: they strived to make their laptops more sleek and stylish.

Laptops & Screen Damage:

All of these changes were welcomed by the people. But these changes also brought some problems with them. One of such problems which you might have come across is screen damage. With reduce in their overall compactness and size, laptops have become more prone to screen damage. Even the slightest jerk or contact with a solid surface can either freeze the screen or damage it from inside. The majority of these problems occur because of mishandling of your laptop.

If you are a Cambridge resident or work there and face this problem or want to be taken care of it in the future, you should know about Fone World.

Technicians at Fone World possess all the necessary expertise you need to fix your laptop. These people take special care while removing the faults in your computer and when they return it to you, you will find your laptop as good as new. So, if you are seeking laptop repair in Cambridge, you just need to get in touch with us.

Water Damage:

Where will you place your laptop while working? You can give many answers to this question because you can put your laptops nearly anywhere. You can place them on your table, you can work on them while you are on your bed, and you can even use them while you are basking in the sun. However, the most commonplace to use your laptop is your table.

And while you work with your laptop on your table, you usually have a glass of water or any other beverage such as tea, coffee, or juice beside you. A slight touch on the glass of that beverage can have dire consequences. For example, if you are sipping tea while preparing your annual report, you may end up touching that tea glass on your side, which can then topple over, spilling its content. That tea can find its place through all the narrow crevices (such as paces between keys) it can find on your laptop and cause serious damage to your gadget.

For laptops and computer repair in Cambridge, consult Fone World if you have damaged your laptop by spilling any fluid on it. They will take good care of it, detect the damaged parts, and return it to you after fixing all of its damages.

Battery Malfunction:

The battery is one of the most important components of your laptops. If your battery gets damaged, there isn’t any other alternative other than replacing it. And replacing a battery is not that hard, but the damage a malfunctioned battery can cause to your laptop is very grave.

The most common consequence which your laptop can face in case of battery malfunction is acid leakage. When the battery acid leaks, it causes damage to the surrounding areas of the laptop.

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What are the Reasons for Battery Malfunction?

A batter can malfunction because of several reasons. If you allow your laptop to get overcharged, it will slowly damage your battery and cause it to malfunction. Another reason to cause battery malfunction is using your computer when it needs to be recharged. Another common cause is prolonged use of your laptops.

If your laptop is facing a problem with its battery, the best people in Cambridge that can fix it belong to Fone World. They will take out your existing battery, check its status, and then will determine the extent of the damage it has caused to your laptop structure. In most cases, the damage is reversible, and your laptop can easily be fixed.

Missing Keys in Laptop:

With prolonged use of the laptop, the chances are likely that your keys can go missing. Even if you miss a single key, it can become very hard to carry on with the normal tasks. Sometimes, food particles can also get stuck in the spaces between the keys and jamming them. Experts at Fone World can replace your old keyboard with a new and more sophisticated one. They will also take measures to clear out any debris or food particles that might make their way between the keys.

Loud-Fan and Rapid Heating:

Fan problems are one of the most common problems that can arise in your laptop. All laptops come with built-in fans, which help them in reducing their CPU temperature. If your laptop’s fan is taking excessive strain or about to die, it will become noisier. This will overheat your laptop and will cause considerable damage to your laptop.

If your laptop not working properly, Fone World technicians can fix problems arising in your laptop fan. They will inform you if your fan can be corrected or if it needs to be replaced. Whatever the case is, you should not ignore fan problems arising in your laptop, as it can cause serious damage to your laptop’s CPU and its overall productivity.